High-heel boots, a chic touch for a spring look

Botín de cuero

One of the highlights of the fall is when finally we can be in boots, a type of shoe that regardless of the high, is usually the favorite of many women. And they are versatile, warm and comfortable. You could wear them with dresses, skirts and pants. But they are not only ideal for fall and winter, but their use may extend beyond the cold months. Boots can be also ideal for a spring look, transforming our style from head to toe if we choose right .

We can find them in a variety of models, materials, shapes and for all tastes, and in MAS34 we have them all. So we just have to choose the ones we like and that better reflects our personality. And now we present you last trends in boots this spring, then we bring some of the styles that you will see most this year. A lot of Style, but what is clear is that this year heeled boots come stomping.

High-heel Boots

This type of boot has gained great prominence in the recent years. Many girls think taht they don’t fit well to every type of women, however this is not always true. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and take our boots safely.



Suede boots

Suede boots are the favorites this season for its soft and delicate texture. This year there are coffee tonesthat also combine well with any style, whether they are high, medium or low.


Military boots

For those they love the casual and urban style, military boots are always a safe bet. Perfect for walking around town. The difference is that we can see more military boots with heels this year, as also lower.

Suede booties

In those cities that spring’s warmer there is no reason to give up on suede boots, because we can also find them in a variety of models, with rubber, zippers, fences or small holes. In addition, this year the rubber soles and black colored wood are on the top. Making them very comforteable.

Cowboy boots

Celebrities like Kate Moss, Sara Carbonero or Paula Echevarría take several years wearing cowboy boots, and this year seems to be consolidated as a trend for a Texan look. But they can also be combined with hippies dresses that are very fashionable this season or tight jeans.

Colors for 2016 spring

Rose Quartz

Although we are still in winter and we are still thinking in boots, scarves and warm coats, when a new year begins is the perfect time to get to know future trends. Only this way you will be prepared for a fashionable wardrobe. This season colors are very important, and also know how to use them and how to combine them, this is what today’s post will be. We gonna advice you about the colors of this 2016 spring. These colors also will go down to your feet in the form of boots , sandals, ballerinas or stilettos.

Rose QuartzRose Quartz

The very light pink trend will peak this spring, a color that will help us convey calm and even innocence. Pink is a feminine color that matches well to sheer dresses, chiffon blouses and transparencies, but also you will find jackets and pants that will make a very surprising look.

One of the best allies of rose quartz is light gray while the peach, mauve, light blue and purple also go well with this color on the rise.


Color rojo fiestaBright colors will also be present in our wardrobe this spring. Red bring us joy and impulsivity, even a daring touch. Depending on your mood or what you want to convey, in every moment we can combine the party color with bright colors to provide strength or softer tones that make our appearance is a little more discreet.

Red will be present in all our clothes, it is not limited to blouses, dresses or skirts. Fiesta reach the red shoes, earrings and accessories. You can not go without it!

Iced CoffeeIced Coffee

Earthy tones can not be missing in any spring wardrobe, and spring 2016 will be no different. With the so-called Iced Coffee brings serenity and tranquility, a more neutral color that can be combined almost with anything and is also willing to sneak into all kinds of garments, is not necessary only use them  with Saharan or shoes.

If you want to get a twist this spring, combine this color with light brown, yellow, sky blue or rose quartz and gray.

Green Flash

Green FlashAnd after viewing soft colors, a strong color with personality and a traditional color in the spring, we could not miss the presence of a little shrillness of fluoride. In this case the main character is green.

Green Flash is perfect for a bold and self-confident girl. Because depending on the colors that you combine it,may provide a breakthrough or a little more classic femenine women. Those looking for a quieter aspect can combine it with gray or brown and those who are daring can mix it with several new colors of the season like a light blue or mauve.

As you can see, there is a great deal and that it is only a small step. Now you only have to choose the color that you want when the right time comes.

Flat Sandals? Are they for a warm winter?

In one of our last entrie we talked about how you can wear sandals during the early fall. When the days are still mild, we can afford to combine clothes from different seasons, but wisely. One of the tips that we gave you  is that of you want to wear sandals, they must be with high-heel.

Therefore, if you were wondering if you can wear a flat sandal in these that seems to fall, the answer no. Read also a selection of material with a comparative table of 10 gallon fish tank filter. Unless you decide to buy sandals with a bug high heel, you can forget about everything else.


Flat sandals are for summer

Flat sandals are a perfect complement to summer. It let us to use fresh shoes that let feet breathe during the hottest days as at the same time offer comfort. Flat sandals are perfect for going to the beach, hiking and  for long working hours in summer. You can even use flat sandals to enjoy the carefree summer evenings with a casual dresses and skirts.

Sandalias Planas


However … flat sandals are not for Fall or Winter

As we mentioned in our previous post, in fall (or warm winter), although we are enjoying some hot days,  the temperatures are lower each day so is really  not necessary to use sandals. If you decide to use them it is to achieve an original and very striking look.

Some heeled sandals chosen with care can make our look more attractive and very elegant. If we choose clothes in autumn colors and warm materials and combined with silver-heeled sandals or a cheerful color, the contrast will call attention and look a total success.

If we choose flat sandals with any autumn or winter set, or even combined with jeans, the result won’t be the same. If we choose flat sandals will appear like we are totally clueless of the season in which we are or that we have not bought our shoes for autumn and winter.

While heeled sandals stylized figure and bring security to the wearer, flat sandals make us look smaller in every way and also less sure of ourselves seem. Surely if we opt for flat sandals after October nobody will take us seriously.


Summer licenses have an expiration date

In a matter of fashion do not forget that summer allows us certain liberties that make our life easier when it’s hot. For example, we can take wet hair, leave at any time with flat sandals and use little makeup during the day.
Cómo llevar sandalias planas

But what is perfect and very attractive for the summer is not always true for other seasons. With the arrival of colder days you should go back to dry your hair thoroughly, apply foundation every day and forget about some of the bright colors that we love because they are only suitable for summer.

So if you’re one of those who prefer low heels or flat shoes, when summer is over you should go for ballerinas, slippers, boots and flat boots but you must keep your Mas34 flat sandals  in the closet at least until it begins June.

The best looks of this 2015 with MAS34

2015 has come to an end and we in MAS34 nostalgically but looking forward to the new season, we wanted to finish this 2015 in style, so we say goodbye to this summer that has given us so much with our top 5 looks of some of our bloggers in order of appearance.

Sind títfulo-1

The first style that left us totally awestruck is of the wonderful Lovely Pepa, with a red and with skirt and a blue top. Besides Alex use nothing more and nothing less than our incredible Berta stiletto in red suede to walk through the streets of 5th avenue. If you want to enjoy these last days of the year when parties are always around trhe corner, a combination of  a elegant skirt with simple top is perfect for this time and of course our Berta stilettos are a must.

Lovelypepa with our Berta Stilettos in Red suede


In July, Mi Armario en Ruinas surprised us with a bohemian look with a white fringed dress, and our Maria high-heeled sandals in khaki suede that potentially maximize the simplicity and elegance of this style. Mi armario en ruinas with a few accessories but very striking, made this look a 10. If you are looking for a look to party these last nights of solstices look for a simple and elegant dress, it can be white or black to combine with our sandals Maria in Khaki Suede.

Miarmarioenruinas with opur Maria Sandalas


Lady Addict opted for a riskier style, mixing together elegance with sobriety and simplicity.  A mink drees with and  of the same color make  this look original and worth of envy. With our Marissa OKT boots, Lady Addict looked exquisite to go wherever she wanted and camouflaged in any event at any time of day. Combining an elegant drees with some spectacular boots as Marissa in gray suede, it’s easier than you think, and for sure in your wardrobe you have thousands of possible combinations, and do not forget your Marissa OTK’s that will make you shine wherever you go.

LadyAddict with the Marissa OTK


Meanwhile, Pistas de Mi Armario completely stop the traffic with an ethnic look, where the red color in different shades was the star of the day. With an exotic skirt and our Berta stilettos red boa, this wonderful blogger tells us how easy it is to give your style a turn, if you have the ideals complements.

Pistasdemiaramario with Berta Stiletto in red boa


Closing this great Top Five, we decide to go with a look that made us all loo for boho-chic accessories. Our beautiful Jessiekass of Seams for a Desire left us all speechless with his last pre-mommy look. And we in MAS34 feel more than proud to accompany her at the end of this great phase. With a long black dress, a coat of white lace and a black turban, Seams for a desire creates a mysterious and romantic style. Where of course the Regina sandals were there to provide the comfort that all pre-mommy need in those days. We also want to congratulate and send all our best wishes to Jessie in her new stage with the lovely Miss Olivia.

Seamsforadesire with the Regina sandal


If u want to look amazing as our bloggers you have to have oour new stiletto Berta in burgundy velvet, ideal for this Xmas season:

Berta Stiletto Red Velvet


And so it ends our TOP 5 summer looks of some of our favorite bloggers, which of these looks you were more in love with? You have another look that is not this top? Tell us everything above! We wish that in this new season will be great and full of surprises and that you continue growing with MAS34.


The trendsetters show a variety of options on, how to wear MAS34 shoes?

 Have you heard the popular quote that says: “Great minds think alike” Well, here we have you the perfect example of it!

 The fashion bloggers lovelypepa and TrendyTaste wore the Natalia TT Black Leather boots from MAS34. Each one of them featured different styles and distinct combinations, with the same shoe. Take a look both results are fantastic!

 Alexandra and Natalia inspire us in, how to create a trendy look? And at the same time, how to fight against the low temperatures in style?

 Every time in winter season we think, how can we look stylish with all the big coats, scarfs and more? We feel like we can barely show our outfit with all the layers. And we tend to forget about key-pieces that can upgrade our look.


magine a stylish walk, hit the streets and steal looks! Have you seen, how lovelypepa and TrendyTaste pulled-it off?

Don´t suffer with the weather and stay warm with fashion clothes, don´t give fashion for comfort. MAS34 has the solution for you.


 Be sure that any product you choose will surpass your expectations. At the same time, we have designed a special cushion sole gel that will bring you more comfort in your daily walk.

We make sure that all of our models may be done with the best products in the market. In MAS34 we elaborate our shoes with the best quality possible and 100% handmade in Spain.

 Here we bring to you more images of the outfits worn by TrendyTaste and lovelypepa. What you are going to to wear today, leather jacket or coat?


 LovelyPepa: http://lovely-pepa.com/lovely-looks/light/

TrendyTaste: http://trendytaste.com

Say YES to the nude color!

There´s is not another color we could love the most than nude. The image that this color creates is completely awesome, classic, minimal, casual and always fabulous.


It’s a tone that when is contrasted with other ones like black or more pure ones like white it gives the impression of an astonishing outfit.

 This color combines with absolutely everything, it creates a balance in your outfit and in a certain way it creates a more formal-look.There´s different types of products that have been created in this tone, lipsticks, nail polish and more. Our obsession and fascination of this color is never ending.


 This is why in MAS34 we created a shoe model with this color. And made it in our sensational stiletto Berta, a key-piece for an amazing outfit.

MÁS34 Berta charol nude stiletto zapato salon made in spain

Mix these high-heels with all your clothes, it´s a color that fits perfect in summer and winter. One again in MAS34 we introduce to you an atemporal and basic element for your closet!

MAS34: http://www.mas34shop.com/en/tienda/berta-charol-nude/

Marta Lozano proposes accessible fashion with MAS34

Marta Lozano is a spectacular Spanish model that has a fabulous random fact. She has 133 thousand followers in the known social media, Instagram.

 In her profile she posts pictures of her style, favorite clothes and personal activities, but what we thank the most is that she opens a public window to her fashion world. This is one of the many reasons why we wanted to work with her.

Because in MAS34 we not only love her style, the way she combines trends, colors, textures and more. Also because she has the girl-next-door style, casual but trendy.

And somehow she makes her fashion outfits more accessible for everyone.

 In MAS34 we are always searching and working for you to look dashing, we know that if you have a shoe with good quality and design, this will add a touch of impact in every look you wear.

 Our shoes are all hand made, 100% elaborated in Spain and with the best products in the market, definitely your best investment.

Marta Lozano is a great inspiration of how to dress with a simple look, but at the same time with an upgrade, with the Adriana green snake sandals.

This shoe model by MAS34 is available in different colors, don´t miss the chance and get one!

 MAS34: Adriana green snake sandals

A color explosion by MAS34

Spring season is here and with it a variety of models that will surprise you. In MAS34 we are really happy to present to you out most recent products.

Each one of them have been hand-made, 100% made in Spain and with top quality materials.

 Summer is getting closer and the best plans are about to start, a getaway weekend or whatever breaks the monotony of an everyday is possible, maybe going to the Mediterranean beaches, or any other part! The important thing is to enjoy during these days!

And we are sure you are starting to plan your vacations and the only thing you can think about is to relax and have nice time in the holiday, what destination are you going to have Ibiza, Mallorca, the Canary Islands? or  you are you are planning on visiting other continents?

 It doesn’t matter what plan you have, we know you want to look fabulous in the destiny you have! Dinner, invitations, breakfasts or surprise events, don´t worry anymore in MAS34 we have been preparing to offer you different kinds of stilettos in a variety of colors, always with the aim that they adapt perfectly to your outfit.

 Imagine yourself walking through an exclusive resort, ready for a super elegant dinner, wearing an impact stiletto! With a brutal color and a height that will make you look simply spectacular.

 In MAS34 we have a variety of different high-heel tones, in all type of colors, energy, dynamism and style that will definitely hypnotize you. This spring-summer 2015 we open our doors to all the new colors, as the orange suede.


MAS34 stiletto ante burdeos tacon 10,5 zapatos online

Berta stiletto burgundy suede

 A variety of colors only for you!

MAS34 rainbow explosion image

MAS34 stiletto Berta ante naranja 99euros

Berta stiletto orange suede

 We will give you some seconds to think in which color would you like a stiletto…are you ready? Look down, we have it!

Pattern MAS34 newcolors post blog


MAS34 stiletto Berta ante azul 99euros

Berta stiletto bright blue

MAS34 stiletto Berta ante coral 99euros 1

Berta stiletto suede coral

Mas34 stiletto ante turquesa jade mas34shop 2

Berta stiletto jade suede



The popular fashion bloggers inspire with their outfits

Two of our favorite bloggers in MAS34 flaunt one of our most popular shoes, the fantastic Marissa black suede boots.

 Have you been wondering, how can you upgrade your look? And wear it from day to night. The answer is quite simple; you just need to wear some high heel boots. And you will not look only ravishing and full of style during the day but also during the night.

The Marissa black suede boots offers you the possibility of making the perfect outfit transition.

 Sometimes when we buy a pair of shoes, we tend to think that they will only look nice with a pair of jeans or trousers. And we reduce the possibility of combination to only a few.

This is why we ask to the bloggers Alexandra Pereira from LovelyPepa and Silvia Navarro author of the site 1sillaparamibolso for some help, and they showed us how they wore them. These pictures will be a source of inspiration for you.

 Run to your closet and start creating amazing outfits; add the final stylish element with the Marissa black boots from MAS34.

We put a lot of effort in offering you a product of high quality and with the highest design standards. Our shoes are 100% hand made in Spain, with top precision, and created in a crafted way only for you.

The Marissa black boots have a heel height of 10.5cm that will make you look spectacular. Also we have added a special design in the hind foot and a gel sole that will help you to walk with more comfort.

 Don´t let your walk be stopped by an uncomfortable shoe, show your style and set a trend as LovelyPepa and 1SillaParaMiBolso. Impress the people with your outfit combinations, stand out as our bloggers do, and turn yourself in a trendsetter with MAS34.

 LOVELY PEPA: http://lovely-pepa.com/lovely-looks/desire/

1 SILLAPARAMIBOLSO: http://1sillaparamibolsoblog.es/papiroflexia/

 MARISSA boot black suede: http://www.mas34shop.com/en/tienda/marissa-boot-black-suede/


The Spanish author of the fashion blog bets for the versatility of this high heel shoe

In MAS34 we are always thinking in you, this is why we decided to create the perfect stiletto for any occasion. The Berta black high heel will become a basic in your closet.

Forget about the burden of choosing a shoe to go out, to combine with an outfit or adding the final touch to your look. We have created the best stiletto for you. A high heel shoe that mixes design, comfort and elegance.


MAS34 is recognized by being a brand that looks only for the excellence for their clients; this is why all of our shoes are hand crafted in Spain. The materials we use for their creation are from top quality, so you can be sure that when you decide to acquire a stiletto from us you will receive a product that has been manufactured in a special form.

The strength of its 10.5cm heel will mark your steps. The design lines in the stilettos Berta black leather are exceptional, it´s the perfect fusion between elegance and simplicity.

We are specialized in the creation of stilettos, this is why we know the women necessity and we have responded to it with a shoe design, that will catch your eye and you will love! Forget about complications, stand out and show your faultless style.

Jessie Chanes fashion blogger an author of SEAMS FOR A DESIRE, propose some impact outfits that feature our Berta black leather stilettos.

In MAS34 we created some looks to suggest you extraordinary ideas!



 SEAMS FOR A DESIRE: http://seamsforadesire.com/

MAS34 Berta black leather stilettos: http://www.mas34shop.com/en/tienda/berta-napa-negro-2/

TRENDY TASTE dazzles using the MB boots from MAS34

The blogger Natalia Cabezas shows her risky style in outfit worthy of inspiration


Are you seeking to follow the fashion trends? Don´t wait for more, we have designed the perfect model for it, the black leather MB boots from MAS34.

This boot design will add a bold look to your image, why settle with looking only casual if you can look sensational! A result that will only be possible with the MB motorcycle style boots.


If you doubt in how this boots are going to look? Or if you will be able to mix them with your clothes? No more. In MAS34 we have worked on this, that´s why we are posting you a gallery of images featuring the blogger Natalia, author of the site Trendy Taste. She combines these boots in an amazing and different way. Take the risk and choose this daring model!


The MB motorcycle style boots from MAS34 are made in a crafting way.  Elaborated in Spain in a totality. We make sure that all of our materials are from the highest quality possible, so you can enjoy with a free-care of your new boots.

In MAS34 we not only focus in the design, we also look for your comfort. We implement a special gel sole that will make your walk safer, and better.

Experiment and create sensational outfits with the MB boots. Add that stylish touch you have been looking for. Set a trend and show your style in the streets.



 TRENDY TASTE: http://trendytaste.com

MAS34 MB boots: http://www.mas34shop.com/en/tienda/mb-boot-black-leather/

The bloggers Bartabac and LadyAddict give style classes with MAS34

Set trends as the `it girls´ of  Spain

 Bartabac and LadyAddict are two of our favorite bloggers, we love each outfit they post, and more when we see they mix their beautiful clothes with the MAS34 Berta nude stilettos.

 The two Spanish fashion icons have an irrefutable creativity and style, it´s impossible to see their posts and not wish to have one of their clothes or accessories.

MAS34-ladyaddict-stiletto-berta-charol-nude (3)

Sometimes when we see their pictures we start imagining how we can achieve their looks with the pieces we have in our closets. We start running and we try to create a similar version.

But, What would happen if you could have the same piece they were wearing? Well, we would like to thrill you by saying: “you are in the right place”. In MAS34 we have the Berta nude stilettos that both bloggers were wearing.

The infallible outfit of these Spanish girls is available for you. The stilettos from MAS34 are the shoes that you have been looking so far. They are that key piece that you´ve been wanting so long and we have it for you.

The only thing you have left is to go around and show your style, you will see that your daily walk will suddenly turn into a runway.

  In MAS34 we put special emphasis in the high-heels creation. We elaborate our products with the best materials in the market. Only to make sure that you will receive your stilettos in perfect conditions.


Each one of our models is 100% made in Spain in a crafting way. Don’t doubt and turn yourself into a trendsetter.

Set amazing trends like Bartabac and LadyAddict, two of the most influential and popular bloggers from the country.

MAS34-ladyaddict-stiletto-berta-charol-nude (4)



LadyAddict: http://stylelovely.com/ladyaddict/?s=mas34&submit=


MAS34: http://www.mas34shop.com/en/tienda/berta-charol-nude/

FASHION VIBE and TRENDY TASTE stand out with a perfect style

The Spanish icons wear the GH sandal blue boa


If you are thinking about summer days, get ready because we have the perfect sandal by MAS34 for you. It will be your basic shoe for the coming days of hot weather.

They offer tons of different combination possibilities. Here we present to you a gallery of inspiring images brought by Zina Charkoplia blogger of Fashion Vibe and Natalia Cabezas blogger of Trendy Taste.


Both fashion leaders incorporate in their outfit this sandal by MAS34. The result takes our breath away. The versatility of this GH sandal blue boa is perfect.

What plans do you have for today? Are you going to have dinner or reunion with friends? For any plan, event, day or night, this sandal will adapt perfectly to your look.


 Don´t wait for summer to arrive, wear it in your walk. Step with strength, and show that the diversity of a fashion lover is not only shown in it´s clothes, also in it´s shoes.

 The trendy site Fashion Vibe is one of the most popular in Spain. The Spanish blogger has an amazing style. She has the ability to pull out chic, minimal and elegant outfits. This time it wasn´t different, take a look, she is spectacular!

 Natalia Cabezas author of TrendyTaste always knows how to give us style advices like, what to wear? Or how to wear it? Her versatile and trendy style matched perfectly with the GH sandal blue.

 All of the MAS34 shoes are elaborated with top quality products, only the best in the market. So when you receive your product you don´t have to worry about anything. Goodbye uncomfortable shoes and bad materials!

At the same time we have designed a special cushion and sole, so that your walk will be more comfy and better.

 Look through these images and invest in a sandal that will be your best partner for the next days!



Fashion Vibe:http://www.fashionvibe.net/2013/12/pink-shades.html

Trendy Taste: http://trendytaste.com

MAS34: http://www.mas34shop.com/en/tienda/gh-boa-azul/

Shoes Trends Autumn 2015

Let’s talk about the future, although we still are in the summer, is also true that the night is falling each time faster. We are in love with summer, but the arrival of the new season is trilling for girls like us that are always caring about the latest trends in our closet.

This is the moment, for us to star looking for information in the matter, that way we will be prepared for this autumn 2015. This is why, here in MAS34, we want to help you in this search, and in this post we prepare a summary of the latest trends for you to follow.

The boyfriend style

The boyfriend style is here to stay and accompany you throughout the fall, comfortable shoes that you can use almost any occasion and use simplicity at your convenience. Why not to play with the mirror and your looks? Remember that this trend is more inclined to flat shoes and flat boots, laces and sober colors are the leaders of this style, if you are a girl who prefers to be comfortable to attend meetings with friends or more relaxed situations, you can work it out with our Ana Ballerinas in their new materials like boa red, blue boa or python embossed leather, already in pre-order on our website. Moccasins or slippers also earn prominence in this look, and MAS34 brings you the Bea slippers in different colors and materials for your give more life to your look.


trendytaste nataliacabezas blogger outfit look slipper zapatoplano bea pieldepotro cavallino leopardo fucsia mas34 mas34shop 4


TrendyTaste with Bea slippers in leopard ana fuschia

 Boots and booties

Like always, boots and booties will always be a good investment this autumn. With the arrival of colder days and the rainy season we want to protect your feet well, and Boots are the best way to do it. No matter the height, you will find the windows of the store full with high-heels booties and wonderful musketeer’s boots. The black and white combination still is a strong point this fall, so you can choose to combine some black boots with a white touch in you style, and as always in MAS34, we try to give you the latest trends in shoes, that’s why we bring you in exclusive our star bootie, the Mel bootie with tacks, this bootie will be at your back and call whenever you want to feel bold and stylish



 Mel bootie with tacks in Pre-Order


Fur and leather, are another rising star this fall and not just lay on coats and stoles, but it drops to stay on your feet. If you want to be In this fall do not forget to have in your closet with boots with a little skin, as Marissa boots in suede gray, black, brown or burgundy soon available in 0ur web. They will be perfect to feel warm and in your highest point.

trendytaste nataliacabezas botas marissa ante gris mas34 mas34shop post 2

TrendyTaste with Marissa boots in gray suede

Edgy Stilettos

And if you are the type who dare all, this is your moment. The most striking materials also have their place this season, unusual materials, large prints have triumph in the runway this season. In MAS34 we have for you, the stiletto Berta perfect leopard skin to draw attention to your most reserved sets, these stilettos divert all the attention to your feet this fall.

mypeeptoes stiletto leopardo 2

Mypeeptoes with  Berta Stiletto in leopard pony hair

When you have decided which style you want to wear this fall, remember to think about what clothes you used last year and what new clothes you will include in your closet, to decide what are the best colors best to combine your shoes, you can always combine both and give a touch more original to your look. You also can choose colors that match your clothing, or contrasting colors to provide an original point. Which option you choose?  Tell us above!

Outfits and complements: Polyvore.com

Tricks to use high-heels without suffering


High-heel shoes from MAS34 sit well to every MAS34 gal and bring a touch of elegance and security to any situation. Some women are able to work or take long for endless nights of partying days, but other women see the need to restrict high heels only for special occasions.

Although there are many vertiginous heel shoes that are more comfortable than they may seem at first sight and good shoes of quality are friendlier to your feet, but it is true that the heel makes the foot in an unnatural way that can cause pain if they are used for many hours.

To prevent foot and back suffer more than necessary you can implement some tricks that allow you to wear heels without suffering. In MAS34 will give you little tricks that will facilitate every day to women.

Berta Stiletto Mink suede 

Use the appropriate number

When buying shoes is always important to buy the exact number you normally use, but when it comes to high heel the number becomes much more important.

On the one hand if the shoe is too small it will obviously damage the foot and, but if the shoe is too big, the foot will slip toward the tip and cause scratches by friction, plus the front of the foot will endure more pressure than necessary. Not to mention you have to make great efforts to try to secure the shoes.


 Berta Stiletto in Coral Suede


Practice at home

It may seem silly, but the fact that practice walking with shoes before using them in the street serves to get used to shape and the heel-height.


Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 35

Berta Stiletto Nude suede 

Use templates or silicone gel

Since the silicone gel came into our lives many women are happier than ever with their stilettos. A simple template can makes us feel comfortable, because the shoe sole becomes softer and allows our feet to rest. Thanks to the material they are made of the weight is even distributed, that way the foot that supports the entire weight of the body is greatly reduced.

Team up with thighs

Wear high-heeled shoes with thighs helps reduce the skin friction against the shoe and prevent the damaged. The thighs are always a safe bet if you want to feel more comfortable. And in summer there are thinner thighs that will not get you hot and it will make a prettier leg.


Use creams and Vaseline

Do not forget to moisturize your feet well before use, preferably with specific creams for feet. If throughout the day, you notice that shoes are hurting you, begin to apply your Vaseline on the affected area before a blister or wound is formed. You will tell the difference.

Take advantage platforms

It is not always possible to hold a stiletto for many hours, so you should take advantage of the platforms, they are very in, and for several centimeters it reduces the actual heel of your stilettos, for these occasion you can use the Cristina stiletto, it comes in a lot of colors and materials that you can’t miss out…

Platforms, like a good Peep-Toes, the high is on the front, making the feet rest, for this type of girl, In MAS34 we have the Alexandra in kaki suede or blue silver suede, the Alexandra peep-toes are perfect for the job. After many hours of walking shoes with stilettos, it is necessary to give some rest to the toe.



ninauc mas34 stiletto cristina plataforma boa azul


Cristina Stiletto Blue Boa and  Alexandra Peep toes Kaki Suede

Anti-slip soles

Many times the problem of a high-heel shoe is the slipping in some areas. When this happens not only you have to pay attention to the height of the shoe, but you also have to be aware not to fall.

As most stilettos are thin and have anti-slip soles, you can apply an anti-slip spray, similar to the one you use in the shower or some slip stickers to take firm and confident steps.

And which are your tricks? What makes your stiletto feels like a slipper?

Find there here::

Berta Stiletto Mink suede 

Cristina Stiletto Blue Boa

Alexandra Peep Toes Kaki Suede

Berta stiletto in Brown Suede

Berta Stiletto Nude suede 

Berta Stiletto Mink suede 

 Berta Stiletto in Coral Suede

How you can combine our stilettos MAS34

Our MAS34 stilettos have the virtue to make any MAS34 gal feel more beautiful, elegant, and powerful. There is no woman in this world that can resist them, and even when no everybody feel very comfortable in them, we all can agree that we have a pair in our closet.

We could say that our stilettos combine with anything and here in MAS34, we have a lot of colors and materials for you to choose. If you love stilettos and feel comfortable in them you should match them with anything you like. it isn’t important what clothes you wear with our Mas34 stilettos what is it important it that your stilettos and you shine.


But if you are looking for some special occasion to wear them, here in MAS34 we show you, how you can look great in anything you want to wear with our wonderful stilettos.


Our Stilettos and Jeans

If you want to upgrade your jeans to an elegant level, you should combine them with our stilettos with a higher heel like our Berta Stilettos, they will help you to look good in any type of jeans or our Cristina Stilettos, they have an amazing platform that will take you to the highest point of glamour. Also if what you want is to stand out, don’t use long jeans better use some skinny jeans that will give to your stilettos the starring role they deserved.

Cristina Stiletto in Maroon Patent 

MAS34 Stilettos with a Dress

This is our favorite match, so classy and girly. This combination is perfect as in the summer like winter. It doesn’t matter how long is the dress you choose, every option is a good one. Thanks to the high if the heel your body will look more graceful than with flat shoes.

This couple is for life. But always depend on what occasion you use them, if you use them for the office, will recommend you basic colors that will help you feel in control like a working girl from the XXI century, with passion but lots of style. For this MAS34 brings you the Andrea undercut stiletto, a classic, you can choose colors like Black crock or brown suede for you to walk strong in any conference room.


Andrea Undercut Stiletto Black Croc

But if your plan is more personal, we advise you to use the Marta stiletto, that are perfect to keep going with the comfort that you wish to have. The best is that you can choose any color you like.


Seamsforadesire with Marta Stilettos in Coral Suede

Back to black

Stilettos in black color are the most elegant stilettos in MAS34, in winter you can use a total black look with a black dress and thighs. That way your legs will look longer and why not? Also thinner. If you want to be a total Femme Fatale, you can go for The Berta stiletto in black leather or something more risky like black patent leather, Ideal for cold days.

You also can use Black stilettos in the summer and combine them with any color you like where the elegance will follow you wherever you walk. You can choose between black suede or black croc that will put a breeze but elegant touch to your outfit. Remember that everything goes well with a high quality stilettos like MAS34 stilettos made 100% in Spain.

Nude MAS34 stilettos

This combination has become a total trend, there are many celebrities that we see every day in stilettos that stand out by its elegance and simplicity. This color is perfect to match with a more extravagant outfit and that way get the illusion of a total simplicity on your outfit. From national and international actresses like Emma Stone and Blanca Suarez or bloggers like Lady Addict, use them to go to the most elegant parties. If you love this style, you can find in MAS34 the Berta stilettos in suede and patent leather nude, will be perfect for your more sober styles.

Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 30Berta Stiletto Nude Suede

Colorful Feet

This summer we bring the color to Mas34, colorful stilettos are the perfect complement to add color to a monochromatic look. If you opt for a sober black dress or an elegant white jumpsuit but want to bring some color to your look, opt for one of a stiletto with a big heel and a striking color. And why not printed? For this style we recommend you the leopard skin stilettos like the Marta to take out your wild side with any dress

mas34-seamsforadesire-stiletto-piton-nude (1)

Seamsforadesire with Berta Stiletto in Python leatherleopard-marta-stilettos-mas34

Marta Stiletto in Leopard cavallino

Surely you can think of many more ways of combining our MAS34 stilettos like Marta, Berta, Cristina our Andrea undercuts… so don’t be shy and tell us how you shine with our MAS34 stilettos?

Cristina Stiletto in Maroon Patent and Blue boa

Berta Stiletto Black leather

 Berta Stiletto in Python leather

Marta Stiletto in Leopard cavallino

Marta Stilettos in Coral Suede

Berta Nude Patent

Andrea Undercut Stiletto Black Croc

Berta Stiletto Nude Suede

Oufits and complements: Polyvore.com

Mas34 was the VIP guest on “Supervivientes” grand finale

The Regina sandals, the GH high-heel sandals in green snake and the Andy chocolate brown wedges from MAS34 took part on the expected and exciting end of one of Telecinco’s most watched programs: Supervivientes, Honduras.


One of the most gorgeous host of the show, Lara Alvarez, made her return to the country with style. Before they announced the winner, Lara Alvarez already left everyone with a dropping-jaw with the simplicity that characterizes her with an outfit that illuminates her simplicity and beauty that always shines in the Spanish screen. In this coastal look, she used a wide white dress, her amazing loose hair and the Andy wedges from MAS34 in chocolate brown color that highlighted her golden skin. These ingredients were the perfect mix for nobody to leave the screen.


The finale was watched by 3.437 million viewers, who were looking forward but with sadness at the same time the culmination of the show. For this special day, Raquel Sánchez, the other beloved co-host of this show, used an open maxi dress with burgundy jeans and our favorite sandals of this season, Regina.  We are sure that these sandals helped this soon-to-be mommy to have all the comfort she needed and to have all the energy for this end that was so full of surprises.

 RAQUEL-SANCHEZ-REGINA-SANDALS-JULIO-2015-3                                                                        RAQUEL-SANCHEZ-REGINA-SANDALS-JULIO-2015-2

For the grand finale, Lara Alvarez bet again for MAS34, but this time she was carried away by its bohemian and ethnic side. For this wonderful odyssey she use a tight boho dress, with feather earrings and for to put a cherry on the top of this ice cream, our GH green snake sandals that give her a wild touch.




You can also look like a star from the small screen as Lara and Raquel, relying on the bright colors of the season and Bohemians looks and of course by all MAS34 sandals and wedges that will be there to make you feel like heaven on earth, connecting your senses with Mother Nature.

We leave you some examples for you to know how you can combine our most sassy sandals and wedges of the season.

Beachy Look: 


Maxi Dress: 


Boho etnic:


Remember that you can only find this wonderfurl sandals and wedgets here in MAS34:

GH  green snake sandals: http://www.mas34shop.com/tienda/sandalia-tacon-gh-vibora-verde/

Regina Sandals: http://www.mas34shop.com/tienda/sandalia-plana-regina-ante-negro/

Andy  chocolate brown wedges : http://www.mas34shop.com/tienda/andy-marron-chocolate/

Dresses and compliments: Polyvore.com

Our Marina sandals and Jessikass show us they are all-rounder

Our favorite soon-to-be mommy take advantage of this summer and explore rockier terrains showing us that she is all into adventure, and this time she choose our Marina sandals with gold embroidered for joining her.


Jessica explain us how to use a look that is comfortable and light for the summer, but without leaving behind the elegance that she is known for. As a result she bring us a greek style maxi-dress, with a blue jacket and some complements that make from a simple look, one original and radiant to die for. The Marina Sandals from MAS34 and a laurel wreath headband that crown her style like worthy of a Greek goddess.



Jessica also remind us that motherhood suit her really well and tell us that you can make your pregnancy super chic too. She make comfort her number one priority and that’s why tha Marina sandals are perfect for the job. They are one of those sandals that will never fail you, besides that, they can make any look a piece of art.

This look is perfect for example of the style that you need to wear this hot summer, because you will feel fresh on the streets but protected from those air conditioning on the stores. Not only that, this Marina sandals will bring you the comfort needed for you to shine in each step you take, thanks to their gold flashes and their singular design.


For this and so much more, the Marina sandals of MAS34 are ideal, especially if you want to go to unusual places, where the path become unexpected and surprise can be found in any corner. The Marina sandals with gold embroidered will be there for making you metaphysic and spiritual journey the best of your life.

They have the particularity of being made with gold embroidered trips that will make that your style look more bohemian and artisanal than ever and making you feel breezy and natural. You may also find them in silver and lean embroidered to give you a more sober and regal touch.


That’s how they are so versatile, they can go with everything, jean, shorts, dresses or skirts. Helping you to feel more feminine and fresh. There is no problem if you want to go to beach to read your favorite book or if you go to especial outside event. All these possibilities are cover with the remarkable Marina sandals gold embroidered of MAS34.



Tell us or send us a picture of how you combine them, we want to know how you live your MAS34, Marina sandals… and if they aren’t yours yet, remember that you can have the Jessica’s elegance with just a click here: : http://www.mas34shop.com/tienda/marina-2/


Malena Costa shines at the sea with Mas34

The beautiful and admired Malena Costa had left a deep mark at the sea with the Berta Stilettos and the Blanca sandals. In her adventure with the cruise Pullmantur, Malena didn’t doubt and took her Mas34 to be there always Pullmantur with her.

We know that Malena is an original girl, follow by her unique style and here in Mas34, we are really proud of being part of her story and her style. Especially on events like this one, where not only she make sure that the travelers get in shape but also she was available of shine with all of her looks.

For the interview Malena chose a formal but sailor look with skirt with stripes, a white crop top and the Berta Stilettos in blue boa, these were the only thing that she need it to be the center of attention. Just like Malena you can look elegant, girly and with that beachy touch that you need with the Berta stilettos in blue boa.

Warm colors are a sure bet when you are in front of the sea breeze  and Malena not even thought of not using them. In here she is wearing a white suit with a pink blouse and our Blanca gladiator flat sandal in pink suede, where she is looking gorgeous, don’t you think?

The rest of the days the Blanca gladiator flat sandal in pink suede and she, didn’t get apart and for sure, they broke some hearts in each port with their different looks from sport/casual to sexy with a blue low dress.

advantage of it, always sweet but professional. And we know that you are the same so make sure to take these styles and make them yours for your next occasion at the sea.

Remember that if you want to look elegant and with confidence on the beach you can always bet for the Berta leather Stilettos in blue boa that will combine smoothly with the background and also their comfort will help to leave the best of the footprints. But if you are the type of girl who like to feel the sand on their feet don’t doubt in using the Blanca sandals in pink suede that will follow your steps and will give you a touch of romance in everything you do. Remember that they both come in many colors just for you. Don’t stop feeling free and take the example of Malena Costa and her wonderful looks.



Which of these styles will you choose for a cruise event? You will pick the elegant and casual with the Berta stilettos or chic and simple with the Blanca sandals? Tell us with what piece of your closet you will like to combine them, we’d love to know.


You can have our stilettos in blue boa here: http://www.mas34shop.com/en/tienda/berta-boa-azul/

And our Blanca Gladiator flat sandal in pink suede here: http://www.mas34shop.com/en/tienda/gladiator-flat-sandal-pink-suede/

…Step by step with elegance and comfort with MAS34


Seams for a desire and lovely pepa join the team of the Regina sandals

The sandals Regina had become the platonic love of every girl this summer 2015, and two of your favorite bloggers, Jessica and Alex, were the first to fall in love with them. And for sure the couldn’t a second without showing them to the world and here in MAS34, we bring you their divine looks to make you an idea of how you can use them.



These two Mediterranean icons, came in different style but with something in common, these wonderful sandals.  And you don’t need to go much further to drool over their looks , you can see these great gals and our sandals en the first road and therefore you can know how to match them depending of your style.

Jessica of seams for a desire, is looking la the happiest mommy and the most beautiful in Spain, with a basic but charming style, full of her personal touch, where simplicity of the outfit boost that the protagonist are only her and her pregnancy. And that’s why the Regina sandals are always there, for make sure that only they and you shine.


In the other hand there is the fabulous Alex that for sure make some Italian heads turn around, with her chic and summer look. Alexandra walk the Florence streets with the Regina sandals and it’s obvious that she didn’t want to stop for a second her adventure. But how she did it? With so many museums and renaissance palaces must-see, there’s no way that she didn’t got tired. But here in MAS34, we tell you the secret.


The secret is the comfort of the Regina sandals, this is the factor that most shine in this sandals, that’s why is so perfect for summer, when the only thing you want is take a long walk and feel the sun shining just for you.



Also the versatility will drive you crazy, the Regina sandals came in black, that is a must and we guarantee that there is any piece on your closet that won’t match with Regina. Don’t be any second more without your new sandals and be also a new icon of fashion with a sandal made 100% in Spain, with the incredible quality and price that MAS34 always brings you.

Don’t doubt in comment what style is more accord to your personality. We are dying to know!


Remember that you are only a click for them to become yours… Step by step with elegance and with the Regina Sandals:http://www.mas34shop.com/tienda/sandalia-plana-regina-ante-negro/




Make a walk statement with the Andrea stilettos

We give a warm welcome to the Andrea undercut stiletto by MAS34, a shoe model from the spring collection that arrives this summer to help you conquer and overcome the high temperatures. Also they will help you to look with an astonishing style.

 The Andrea stiletto by MAS34 is the ideal combination of a classic and modern design; also it´s pink suede has as a result a super feminine image

 This stiletto will adapt perfectly to all your summer looks, get inspired and show a trendy image. Or maybe if you are wishing for a more classic look, don´t doubt it anymore, this undercut stilettos are completely awesome.

 The Andrea model is available in a variety of colors, each one of them electric and amazing. You´ll be able to wear them with all kinds of outfits, skirts or jeans.

 This collection chose the color you like the most! In this Wednesday we would like to recommend you the fuchsia version, impressive!

Andrea Fuchsia Stiletto 


This Friday upgrade your style with the Marta stilettos

It´s Friday and the best weekend plans are about to start. What do you think about looking fabulous and with an astonishing style?

 This week we didn´t wanted to leave you without a stiletto recommendation; this is why we present to you two options, the Marta Stiletto in Fuchsia and Blue suede.

Some pair of shoes models that will upgrade your outfit to it´s maximum level; choose which color you prefer depending on what you´ll wear this weekend.

 This stiletto from the Spring-Summer collection is perfect for going out with your friends, grab a drink, or go to a special event.

Also it´s height will allow you to walk from one place to another, without inconvenience, and of course you will look beautiful.

The design of this stiletto will adapt perfectly to all of your clothes. You choose, a skirt, jeans, whatever you decide high-heels are always the perfect option!





Mi Armario En Ruinas conquers the summer with the María khaki suede sandals


This summer MAS34 has for you a new high-heel sandal model that will surprise you! The María design is spectacular and among all, perfect for all kind of events.

 In any occasion you decide to attend, you name it. A wedding, brunch or any social event with your friends, this shoe from our Spring-Summer collection will adapt perfectly to your outfit.

Dress with an elegant, casual or modern style, it doesn´t matter the trend, Maria has arrived this summer to support you in all your events.

 In MAS34 we are continuously working in our designs, not only for them to be comfortable and amazing, we also try that every model incorporates a special detail. And you might be wondering, what´s the special feature of the María high-heel sandal?

If you pay close attention to it´s design you can see that in the back part of it, we added a lovely metal element on the straps; the Maria high-heel sandal in khaki suede is spectacular an elegant.

 We present to you this new model in collaboration with one of our best ambassadors, the fashion blogger Ester Bellón, author from the site Mi Armario En Ruinas.

 What do you think about her look? Is perfect for the summer! A color and tone combination, it´s super inspiring and comfortable!








Stiletto Marta: It´s coral color will impact your summer style

An amazing stiletto option with only 9cm heel height. This new shoe model by MAS34 is an absolute success. If you have been looking for a stiletto that allows you to wear it through your whole day or your daily routine this is your

 You maybe wondering what Marta have that Berta doesn´t? In few words Marta is a stiletto designed for all the clients that love to wear high-heels in their day to day, those who enjoy to show their style but overall that don´t want to suffer any pain.

 The important thing of it´s design is the 9cm heel-height; this basic point makes it a super comfortable stiletto. Will assure to you that you will be able to wear them through all your activities, and the best of all is that we have a broad variety of color options for you,

 Don´t waste more time! Wear the MAS34 stilettos and impress everyone in the streets with your style.




If you love to show an ultra feminine, chic and elegant look then pay attention to the following information, because MAS34 just released the Andrea undercut heel for this Spring-Summer season.

 In this collection MAS34 took serious risks, a news season where we left our possible design comfort zone, And as a result we give now a warm welcome to new super fashion heels.

 Join us in a trip to the new Spring- Summer season where you´ll wear feminine and classic designs; we can tell you it´s smells like flowers, there´s lovely pastel colors, the weather is nice and overall there´s fantastic happy music, yes! This is the MAS34 collection!

 More than just amazing stilettos and beautiful high-heels, the Spanish fashion brand innovated and created a new undercut-heeled stiletto.

Andrea, as we call this new design, will break all your fashion stereotypes, and give is going to give you the possibility of combining your most feminine outfit with a fresh staple.

 Break all summer fashion standards, stop wearing the basic shoes and dare to capture everyone´s eyes. Don´t be afraid to stand-out with your style, MAS34 is with you, and the Andrea model will be by your side.

 You may wonder, why choosing this model instead of the Berta stilettos? Well, we don´t want to be an influence point to you, but if what you want is to get out of the typical fashion box, then go ahead, the Andrea design is the perfect element for it.

 Taking about the design aspects, this model offers you a 9cm heel-height, super comfortable, you are not going to worry abut any pain. And for your surprise! Andrea will be available in a variety of colors like, nude patent leather, red boa, black croc, bright blue among others!

 We are extremely happy to welcome Andrea to the  MAS34 Spring Summer collection!



This summer, dress with style and MAS34 flat sandals

The high temperatures are about to arrive and the only thing we can wish for is to spend the best time in the summer and not to worry about anything. This is why MAS34 took the job of designing the perfect flat sandals just for you, an amazing shoe design that will join you in all your summer adventures.

 These season plans are infinite, maybe you are attending to a wedding or planning a weekend escape to a lovely beach, it doesn’t matter what it´s going to be, but we are sure you want to look cool and stylish in each one of these events.

Maybe you want to wear a bohemian and hippie dress or a light fabric outfit, if we are correct, then we have the perfect summer sandals for you.

 In MAS34 we merge ourselves in this season fashion and we bring to you the Blanca flat sandals a fantastic design of the Spring-Summer collection!

It´s design has some large straps that will let you decide how you want to show your Blanca´s. For example, you can tie them in the upper part of your leg or in the down part of it, this will give offer you two different look options.

 It´s a versatile design that combines elegance and but with a modern element, absolutely perfect for the summer. Conquer this summer trends, show a bohemian, Greek and trendy style.

 All MAS34 products are elaborated %100 in Spain and with the best fabrics in the market. Also we are continuously working to offer you the best product possible.

So now you know! If this summer you want to set a trend, mark a fashion difference and look perfect, don´t doubt it anymore and  wear the Blanca flat sandals!



MAS34 wants to participate in your bohemian spirit with it´s flat sandals

The best things of this season are: to show an impressive tan, a boho chic style and to walk in the beach enjoying of the good weather.

When the summer arrives there´s no one that can resist to it. It´s practically impossible to go shopping without thinking what pieces we want to wear during our weekend escape, maybe you are going on a boat trip, a foreign city or a Mediterranean beach.

Also in this season we always have different events, all kinds of social invitations multiply during summer, breakfast with friends, brunch in a lovely city terrace or an elegant dinner, weddings, baptisms and more!

 And of course it´s that time of the year when we let loose our free spirit, we wear lighter fabrics, long dresses, long skirts, shorts and more make it´s debut in our closet.

This is why we want to offer you our sandals. They have the perfect design to mix with all your clothes and style. Whatever style you choose casual or elegant, they´ll fit perfectly.

Post Boho Sandalias MAS34 2

 A wedding in the Mediterranean? Check! We have the perfect sandal. Night out with your girls? Check! We have the design for you!

Get inspired with the image gallery and choose the flat sandals you´ll wear this summer.

The popular Instagram user Nina Urgell collaborated in a photo-shoot with MAS34

Nina Urgell (@ninauc) is a popular user from the social media Instagram, she has about 228,000 thousand followers, all of them because of her constant publications where she post pictures looking trendy outfits, with lots of style and with a kind of `girl-next-door´ look, an element that we totally love!

 In MAS34 we wanted to work with her because she is a girl that kind of reflects our stilettos style, and what best than a photo-shoot. The perfect occasion to mix the design and quality of the stilettos with Nina´s style.

 The result is more than the expected, she left us breathless, and the way she dresses combines perfectly with the high-heels design and color.

 In the first pictures you will see how she wore the Berta brown suede stiletto, one of the most popular designs from MAS34, a basic in every trendsetter closet or fashion lover. She wore them with light colors and in contrast with the green militar coat.

Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 3

 The second look is super feminine, delicate and beautiful. Nina wore the Berta nude suede stilettos with jeans, a coat and a light color blouse, she looks lovely!

Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 30

 And finally, an awesome outfit with the Cristina blue boa platform stilettos! Perfect to go out for some drinks with your friends, a formal dinner, or any social event! Bet for the models from Mas34 and show your inner style!

Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 53

 Take a look to Nina´s pictures (@ninauc)!

Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop

Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 15


Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 6

Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 35


Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 21


Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 51Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 42

Mas34 stiletto ante tacon zapatos online charol boa marron nude azul mas34shop 50

Berta Red Boa stilettos, the perfect fashion piece

The red boa stilettos by MAS34 are a fabulous option if you consider yourself as a person that constantly shows bold and trendy looks.

 Who doesn´t like to catch everyone´s eyes and show a daring style? The problem is that women tend to think that if we want to wear a cool and on trend outfit, it´s needed to pay a fortune for it, and that´s a big mistake.

 What is clear is that to show an astonishing outfit you will need key pieces, maybe you can choose one because of it´s design, color, fabric or cut. But if we stick with the color importance, red is by excellence the perfect element. It´s a tonality that adds elegance, femininity and a sexy touch to every look.

 Are you ready? Picture a combination of a dreamy stiletto design and the provocative red color. Well, here you have it, the Berta Red Boa high-heel by MAS34, an impact design that will eclipse your eyes and everyone´s around you.

MAS34 stiletto boa rojo


This stiletto was made for every fashion lover, all women that everyday pull out an amazing style and also for all them that love to catch everyone´s breathe away. Mix the Berta Red Boa stiletto with all kids of clothes!

 Each one of the MAS34 designs are made with the best quality possible, we put tons of effort so by the moment that you acquire or buy a product you feel completely satisfied.


We are proud to tell you, that we offer a 100% made in Spain high-heel, with crafting technique, and designed the best way possible. Just to offer you fashion, comfort and at the same time with an accessible price.

MAS34 stiletto Berta boa rojo 99 EUROS 1

 MAS34: Berta stiletto red boa

The Gabriela high-heel sandal is going to astonish the summer in two colors!

The Gabriela design by MAS34 is authentic and fabulous, a high-heel sandal that works with all type of clothes.

We want to welcome the summer with the Gabriela high-heel sandal in two color options, green snake and lead. Which one will you choose? Both options are great!

The green snake sandals will look perfect through day and night. It´s color that works perfect to wear it with jeans, a dress or whatever you go for. The tone of the heeled sandal is from a specific color spectrum that allows playing and mixing in an amazing way.

But if what you are looking for is a more formal look to wear during a dinner, social event or wedding, you can choose the high-heel sandal in lead.

Sandalia-Gabriela-Plomo-Víbora Verde-INGLES

When the summer arrives we are sure that the only think you´ll be wishing for, will be enjoying of the sun, good weather and the delicious temperatures that this season allows.

If you love to show a faultless look, during winter and summer, then the high-heel Gabriela sandals will be your option for this season.

Regina flat sandals: Elegance and attitude

In different times the flat sandals have been miss confused, by been an informal shoe or not completely stylish. This is why when we go to buy a shoe model like this one, we tend to think if it has the attitude necessarily to combine it with our clothes, and also if its going to be wearable from day to night.

 The answer to all the questions referring to the flat sandals is clear with only one shoe design from MAS34. The Regina flat sandals, created in black suede and silver staples.

The contrast between both colors is amazing, the black adds elegance and at the same time the silver staples give a trendy, rebel and bold look.

 The design of this shoe is perfect; the ankle straps are cut just in the right place to make your legs look longer and sensational.

So as you know, we love metallic colors, this tone spectrum works with everything in all of the seasons.

If you accept the challenge of looking trendy this summer, the Regina flat sandals by MAS34 are for you. Walk wit style, MAS34 and Regina have arrived to transform your season.

MAS34: Regina flat sandals coming soon

Sandalia Regina ante negro mas34

We´d like to introduce you to Marina, your best friend for this summer

Summer season is the perfect excuse to wear comfy shoes, with style but also a little bit more bare. A time of the year where we are able to go out and take long walks through the beach and streets wearing our best outfits and the most sensational dresses.

 The combination possibilities are infinite, it´s a season where everything is valid and acceptable. You can mix flowers prints with lines, metallic with pastels and much more.

So take risks, the only rule is to enjoy, and this will be able with a nice and trendy outfit. Because even though we fight with the high temperatures, humidity, and hot weather, our desires to look chic and fashionable don´t end.

In MAS34 we knew what you were looking for, so we created a piece based on this. A shoe design that mixes style, with elegance, the perfect sandal to go out during the day and night.

Mas34 sandalia marina plata bordado post

After design decisions, and the whole process we came out with the Marina flat sandal, now available in three different colors: Lead, Silver and Gold. There´s not better color spectrum than this.

 In a few days you will have the opportunity to buy this awesome sandals! But meanwhile start choosing which color will you acquire

 MAS34: Marina flat sandal