Chiara Ferragni es la influencer por excelencia. Sus inicios fueron en el blog: The blonde Salad.

Lo que empezó como un blog personal en el que la joven Italiana mostraba sus looks, junto a su ahora ex novio Riccardo Pozzoli, ha acabado convirtiendo a Chiara en una estrella, todo lo que toca se convierte en oro. Su blog, ya no es un blog sino una página de lifestyle, llevada por su gran equipo y siempre supervisado por ella.

Vive entre Milán y LA, donde se encuentra ahora afincada a la espera de dar a luz a su próximo hijo.

Ha revolucionado el mundo de la moda, es una de esas mujeres que marca la diferencia  y sin duda una gran inspiración para Más34.


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How to choose shoes for bridesmaids by color

One of the most important complements of any outfits are the shoes. And the shoes we choose can make a simple dress in a very elegant look or soften a very elaborate dress with rhinestones. You can combine them as you want, but for a wedding, the ideal is that besides being beautiful, shoes should go well with the dress you have chosen. And that are comfortable for us to hold on as long as possible with them. Or are you going to miss all the fun adancing for uncomfortable shoes?

When we are invited we can afford even to commit a small error in the set, but when it comes to a bridesmaids, things change. It is not easy to be an elegant bridesmaids. You must always take care of every detail, so that complements play a key role. It is true that the bride is the star of this day, but the bridesmaid also becomes the subject of many looks. That’s way we bring you some tips for choosing theperfect shoes for bridesmaids depending on the color you want to match the dress.

Green bridesmaid shoes

The green color is trend this season, so it will be very easy to find the right shoes. Green is a very elegant color and looks great in both sandals for a summer wedding and closed shoes for winter weddings. We can also find them with the undercut heel for spring weddings or some wedding peep toes models autumn.

Red bridesmais shoes

Red shoes for godmothers are also very fashionable. Will be the style of dress that determine the type of red shoe. And we can find a great variety of shoes in this color, with shades ranging from darkest to those who become confused with the rose. For this reason, it is very important to be clear what the exact tone dress to hit with shoes.

Golden bridesmaids shoes

The golden color is very strong and always a wise move for a wedding. Well chosen golden shoes are ideal for add character to the whole outfit while upholding attention to the dress. Moreover, it is very easy to find gold because it is a color that never goes out of style.

Pink bridesmaids shoes

Pink is one of the most feminine colors and can be found in a variety of tones. From pale pink to fuchsia. Bridesmaids dresses in pink are always guarantee of success and accompany it with some pink shoes is the best choice. You can use the same tone dress or choose a lighter or darker than contrasting. But you can also take in a dress of another color, as they combine well with other colors.

Blue Bridesmaids shoes

Blue shoes are very easy to find as there are many different shades and almost all combine well with other colors. In addition, this year’s blue trend  is blue sky and electric blue.

Silver bridesmaids shoes

Silver shoes  for a bridesmaid are an excellent choice for a wedding because they combine perfectly with dresses in gray, pale pink, black, red, orange, blue, etc . Silver is like gold that never goes out of fashion, so you will not find it difficult to find a dress that goes with that metal touch. With the advantage that after the wedding the bridesmaid can use them for other occasions.

Footwear for every event, what model to choose for every occasion?

We all know which are the basic items that can never be lacking in our closet and can save us and our look at any event. The are: white shirt, black dress, jeans, etc. But we often forget the shoes. A good pair of shoes become the perfect complement when you need them. So much so, that one set can completely change depeneding on the shoes. The point is that We not always know what footwear choose for every occasion. So then we bring you a list of 10 most common types of shoes and how to combine them with our looks for each event.

1. Stilettos

Stilettos are always an excellent choice for both office and parties. ‘Cause they blend perfectly with any skirt. However, is always better to combine them  with a formal, elegant and modern look if you want to look fancy. And for a more casual style combine them with jeans.

tendencias de calzado 2017

2. Wedges

These shoes are ideal to take on hot days. They are very comfortable and have the ability to transform a casual look to one more daring and formal. There are very good with spring skirts.

cuñas color crudo

3. Flat shoes

Flat shoes or ballerinas are perfect for a more casual look if you combining them with jeans. However, it is never advisable to take them to a formal event if your are a grown woman. If you want to wear them with a dress, it is preferable for a cocktail event.

4. Sandals

Sandals are great with dresses of all kinds. You can buy them with platform to make your legs look longer and stylize your figure. Best of all is that they are good both day and night.

5. Flats Sandals

Flat sandals or flip-flops can not be combined with skirts on the hottest summer days. Thanks to them, we can get very fresh spring looks, but we can also take them with shorts or jeans for a more minimal and simple set. Perfect for brunch or go for a walk in the afternoon.

zapatos de novia
Cómo llevar sandalias planas

6. Oxford women’s shoes

The oxford shoes are an excellent choice for formal and geek looks, always combined them with some formal pants. Ideal for going to the office or an evening event with style. In addition, his masculine appearance gives a very bold touch to the whole outfit. However, they are not recommended for very formal events.

7. Chelsea booties

Male boots without heels are ideal for a casual look when youcombine them with jeans or skirts, giving the whole look a more lighthearted tone, like hipster type or grunge. The best occasion is for  a casual meal or for a walk during the day

8. Boots and booties

Boots and booties are one of the best options for rainy days. But they are also very comfortable. You can wear them with leggings, jeans and skinny pants. These combinations will undoubtedly make your favorite boots become the protagonists of the set.

9. Loafers

These flat shoes are a popular choice among women because they are very comfortable and very versatile. Perfect to give an informal touch to a look and at the same time a sophisticated and elegant touch if we add them a little heel. Perfect with all kinds of pants, skirts and jumpsuits.

10. Sneakers

For several seasons, sports shoesb get out of their natural habitat and began to be combined with formal looks. Today, comfort has been gaining ground and have becoming more common to see women with sneakers. In addition to this new combination, the athletic footwear is still the favorite of many to walk or to go shopping.

Now that you know which are the perfect women’s shoes for every occasion, you have no excuse to not be flawless. Have a pair of each kind of shoes we have mentioned and you always will succeed at any event.

Trendy Shoes for brides to be

stilettos como tendencia en zapatos de boda

If you’re getting married during 2018-2019, we are sure that you’re already organizing all preparations for the big day. But if there is an element that becomes the true protagonist of the wedding, that’s certainly the look of the bride. It is true that the dress is the most important element of the whole, but the supplements should never be less. And if you want to impress all guests, you need to find the perfect balance between all complements. And if you choose poorly  the look can  be ruined even with the prettiest dress.

Today in particular we want to talk about new trends in wedding shoes 2016. If you have come here looking for the trends that this season brings, surely you are a modern and daring girl and if you are not, it’s best that you probably go for a more classical style, the trends this year are a complete break of  what we usually see. It could be summed up in color, brightness and nothing traditional models of wedding shoes. This year the shoe plain white room stays behind to make way for the daring.

You should know that trends in bridal shoes this year are the celebrities mark the gateways. And that is when Olivia Palermo dared to wear on your big day lovely “Manolos” blue klein, opened the gap to dare to wear in the feet so that the bride really wants. So this year the trend is to be capricious with shoes. Whether for signatures, color or a bold and unusual model. If you are a modern girl, you have to be seen in your look from head to toe.

The color

This year the classic tones  are in. In 2016 we will see a lot of  nude tones, pink and peach. And if you dare, the blues are all the rage this year. To us they seem ideal and also thus “your blue something”‘ll wear on your feet. Just remember that if you bring some color in shoes, is beautiful bouquet or combine it with other accessories like belts or lip color. This will give a very elegant look. And if there is any color you like much, but you seem too flashy to wear on the shoes, you can always take on the sole of that color. Although you can paint, you should know that there are companies that make shoes as in you can customize every detail.

Daring models

If you love being trendy, but do not want your wedding shoes to have a very striking color, then it is best to choose a model that is out of the classic. Forget Pumps and simple peep toes. Decántate more transgressive as sandals or stilettos.

Bright ornaments

If you are looking for a classic model nor want color, but want to have a modern feel and daring, nothing better than brightness. This season the golden tones, ornaments rhinestones and rhinestone details are held. A very elegant and subtle to wear shoes very special wedding option.

The heel

You probably already know that this year takes the heel. If you are a lover of this kind of shoes, confident that the new models you love. But if you do not want to take a very high-heeled and believe that will be impossible to find something lower, you do not have to worry about. In specialty stores wedding shoes there is always at least three heel heights and planes also models. The low and medium heel is an excellent choice to avoid very high heels and go comfortable on your wedding day. The trick is to know how to choose a comfortable shoe. And in the day of your wedding comfort it is essential.

On this day you must walk more safely than ever and enjoy the ride so nice to the altar in which you become the center of attention. Surely you do not want this unique moment in life is spoiled by a sore foot, a shoe that is out or misplaced strip that makes you step wrong.

Berta nude leather

Berta nude suede

Marta nude patent

Marta mink suede

Catalina nude suede

Catalina stiletto pink velvet


MAS34 will participate in an innovative, fresh and dynamic concept called #TheTourTeam. An event that seeks to bring six Spanish brands closer to their public, it will take place in a renovated style of the popular Pop-up store idea.

During this celebration you are going to enjoy of cocktails, food, good music and more, while you shop the products that will be shown.

 #TheTourTeam will have six stops in the Spanish country, and during six months the featuring brands will travel together to get to you. Don´t miss the chance to get to know all the excellent products that will be offer.

TheTourTeam MAS34 Prensa

What are you wishing to buy? In #TheTourTeam there will be brands like Parafina a company specialized in the development of 100% bamboo made sunglasses. But if want to buy some design women clothes Biombo 13 will be the option for you.  And there´s more, if your are seeking to buy nice jewelry you will have two incredible options at the Pop-up, Las pulseras de Maria and Oui petit.

  In MAS34 we love to participate in this kind of new concepts, were we are able to connect in a more personalized way with our clients and public. This is why we work together with some of our related brands and we are on our way to you.

 The options to assist to #TheTourTeam are infinite, there´s no room for pretexts. The tour will start in Madrid the 14-15 of February, after it A Coruña 7-8 of March, we continue to Barcelona 18-19 of April, Valencia 6-7 of June and we will end our crossing at Malaga the 4-5 of July.

 Did you found your city? Book your weekend and come to enjoy, share a good time and continue this trip with us!

! Madrid prepare yourself because MAS34 is on it´s way to you!

We have our luggage ready to come to see you, are you ready? Book your weekend to enjoy an amazing time with us and the different brands that are going to be participating in #TheTourTeam

The event will take place in La Industrial, located in the San Andrés street number 8, in Malasaña-Fuencarral district. Don´t miss this incredible new concept. We will be there on Saturday 14th from 12h00 to 23h00, until Sunday from 12h00 to 18h00.


Stop waiting, come and try each one of our exclusive designs, enjoy of a personalized service and buy the best MAS34 models.

Madrid, #TheTourTeam is inviting you to the best date, what do you think? Six Spanish design brands, snacks, music and good people. Do not miss it!

LovelyPepa and the Regina sandals are the It team of the season

Barcelona is filling with glamour each time that Alex and the Regina sandals from MAS34 honor us with their presence, and in this occasion they did it again. It seems that Alex can’t separate from the Regina sandals and the sentiment is mutual. We can see it in the smile of Alex everytime she wears the Regina sandals, there is no doubt that the time they spent together is unforgettable.


These girls never stop surprising us, with their fresh looks they created together and even make the very Mediterranean Sea ashamed. If you want to feel so comfortable and spectacular like Alex, don’t waste any more time and take some notes.

For this occasion, Alex chose a very bohemian, black dress, with an orange woc from Chanel that give to her style a colorful touch. But our blogger Lovelypepa knew that something was missing for her look to be top, and she knows that the Regina Sandals always do the trick. They made  from any look a chic but natural one. Nobody can deny that Alex is a trendsetter and knows that comfort is the key to any great look, which is why the Regina sandals have been the first choice in any outfit of Alex the whole summer season. The comfort and elegance of these MAS34 sandals make them a must for any look and event.


If you need a little push to make this summer the most fabulous of your life, making each path a catwalk, in this post you will see how Lovelypepa and you are more alike than you think…

This wide dress is ideal as it is refreshing, mostly when the sun is at its highest point. And of course after having such a gray winter, we want to take advantage of these weather but without feeling overwhelmed. Remember that if you are going to wear dark colors, it is very important to give to your oufit a touch of color to match with the season, but without burden the look.


Create a boho chic outfit is very easy, you just have to think in two rules, let yourself go and always bet for comfort. Therefore Lovelypepa follow her instinct, choosing the Regina sandals as companions of her summer adventures. You can do the same choosing for simplicity and natural. But do not forget to always give your personal touch to any look, feeling great in your own skin. For this and more, there is no doubt that the sandals Regina from MAS34 are the summer goal.


For all this, there is no other place than MAS34 to help you meet all your goals this summer. Remaining your most beautiful and smiling you, will be the main task of these wonderful sandals.


As is always better to know for yourself, try them and know all the secrets of this wonderful Regina sandal of MAS34:



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